Brain food for the festive season

If you are looking for a bit of inspiration over the holiday season then have a look at some of our team’s favourite TED talks all wrapped up in a festive poem.


As the year comes to an end with the festive season in full swing,
Perhaps you’d like to watch a little something inspiring!

If you only have three minutes here is one to make you smile,
Or get yourself some radical wisdom if you have a while.

Andrew can help you if you have a story waiting to hatch;
You’ll need tissues nearby when you see this windmill made from scratch!

Can you relate to a master procrastinator who shares what’s in his head?
Or if you have cool science to share then listen to what Melissa said.

Finally, don’t miss your chance to see these amazing drones fly!
And with that, from us at Foundery: Go well! ‘Till next year! Goodbye!


If rhyming couplets aren’t your thing then here is a more systematic list of some of our team’s favourite TED talks:

  • Terry Moore – How to tie your shoes (2:59)
  • Ricardo Semler – Radical wisdom for a company, a school, a life (21:42)
  • Andrew Stanton – The clues to a great story (19:09)
  • William Kamkwamba – How I harnessed the wind (5:59)
  • Tim Urban – Inside the mind of a master procrastinator (14:03)
  • Melissa Marshall – Talk nerdy to me (4:34)
  • Raffaello d’Andrea – Meet the dazzling flying machines of the future (11:35)


If you enjoyed these and you want more then go to where you can specify the amount of time you have and the kind of talks you’d like to see (jaw-dropping, beautiful, informative, etc.) and the algorithm will curate something for you there and then.

Thank you to everyone from the Foundery team who contributed to the compilation of this list by sharing their favourite TED talks!

by Bryony Martin